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Spectron Laser Corp is specialized in Photonic, Indium Phosphide and other semiconductor materials, we provide wide spectrum range from 1300, 1470, 1490, 15xx, 19xx to 20xx nm based on InP compound materials. The laser assembly are variable from factors form Chip (die ), bar, chip on mount, TO Can, TOSA, coaxial pigtail to butterfly. Spectron Laser also focuses on technologies for telecommunications market and data communications, medical and industry application.


Spectron Lasers are based on buried Hetero (BH), Ridge Waveguide (RW) and los loss structure in Distributed  Feedback (DFB) or Fabry-Perot mode. We utilizes high efficiency mode to speed up the design, foundry, manufactory to delivery customers with best quality, reliable and robust products.

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