SP-13-B-C DFB Laser chip

1310nm high coupling efficiency DFB-LD TO-CAN With Ball Lens Cap

1. Description

The SP-13-B-C DFB Laser are 1310 nm buried heterostructure (BH)

InGaAsP/InP MQW-DFB(Distributed Feedback) laser diode entirely

fabricated by MOVPE.


2. Features

 •Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) Distributed Feedback (DFB)

􀀀 •Buried Heterostructure (BH) design

􀀀 •High side mode suppression

􀀀 • High reliability

􀀀 • RoHS compliancy


3. Application

•2.5Gbps digital transmission system


4. Absolute maximum ratings

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